Fun for all the Family

Howletts & Port Lympne ZooCanterbury has many activities that will cater for all ages.

If you have kids it is good to take them to Howlett's Zoo. Located only 10 minutes from Canterbury, everyone can enjoy wandering around and seeing the huge selection of Animals on display at this fantastic place.

Animals at HowlettsPort Lympne Zoo is twinned with Howlett's so if you fancy going further afield, this is an even bigger Zoo. Set in the grounds of a huge mansion, it plays host to, among many other animals, Barbary Lions, which are now extinct in the wild.

The Odeon Cinema is on the south side of Canterbury, just outside the city walls. With two screens, it's selection usually includes the latest films.

On the south side of Canterbury, close to the cinema, is a Laser Quest venue. Here people of all ages can have fun running around with laser guns in the dark. Great fun for the whole family.

"Going to the zoo and seeing the animals was great fun"

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