Free Car Parking

Canterbury is a beautiful city. And very popular. But this does make parking a nightmare at times. Free car parking is hard to find in many places.

Where can I park for free in Canterbury?

Free Parking in CanterburyThere are some places if you know where to look - try the road near the Canterbury City Council Offices (Military Road). Or near St Dunstan's.

There are also plenty of parking spaces available on some of the residential roads further out, so provided you are happy to take a 10 minute walk you can usually find somewhere without having to pay and worry about how long you have left on your ticket.

Of course you get free parking in supermarkets so you can combine supermarket shopping with a quick visit into the centre. There is a limit on this so keep an eye out for signs which tell you the maximum stay length.

Take a Bike

There are more opportunities for parking a bike, and it is easier to get through the traffic.

Or you could go by motorbike!

Trains save parking

Canterbury has two train stations.

There is now a fast train service from Canterbury West to London.

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