Cornish Online CMS

The Cornish CMS is the first search engine optimised CMS. There are many online CMS systems which are designed to be search engine friendly, but the Cornish-CMS takes this one stage further by incorporating code which actively promotes and helps optimise your website for highest search engine visibility.

The Cornish CMS

The Cornish CMS has an easy to use interface, allowing the user to update the website in a similar manner to editing a Word document. The screenshot below gives an idea of the functionality within the basic system.

Cornish CMS

This website

This website is an example of the simple website which can be edited  by the Cornish CMS. But the Cornsih CMS can also be used for more complicated websites will many different editable areas of the website and with articles and news dynamically inserted.


Cornish CMS


The Cornish CMS allows the user to move menu position by simply dragging and dropping the menu folder. it is easy to use and all the coding is taken care of behind the scenes.

What you can edit

Websites editors can change the text style according to set styles which match the theme of the website, can make text bold, italic or underlined, alter the alignment, and create numbered or unordered lists.

Tables of data can be inserted, as well as images and files uploaded and inserted into the page. Links can be added to webpages on the website or on other websites.

A useful feature is the ability to copy and paste from Word without the poor Word formating being imported,

For people with more web coding knowledge, the source code can be edited.

The next page shows how the Cornish CMS compares to other Content Management Systems?

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"..... easy to use"

"..... no software to install"

"Search Engine Optimised"

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