Why choose the Cornish CMS?

The Cornish-CMS is search engine optimised. Compared to any other online CMS, the Cornish CMS offers the following advantages:

  • Loved by Google And Yahoo.
  • Valid code
  • Accessibility. Can be used for W3C triple A websites.
  • Ensures your website is regularly backed up
  • No limit on number of pages, menus, submenus or sections
  • Can edit multiple areas on a page
  • Can edit parts of the header
  • Search engine friendly as standand (friendly URLs, meta tags, titles)
  • Extra Search Engine Optimisation features
  • Works with Cornish-News or Cornish-Article system
  • RSS feeds
  • Password access to admin area
  • Multiple logins
  • Password protected directories

Extra modules include:

  • Different user access for different pages
  • RSS Feeds
  • Site Maps
  • Breadcrumb Navigation

So what are the disadvantages?

The Cornish-CMS is not (yet) an enterprise level CMS system. It does not support workflow or page approval processes linked with CRM / Outlook. But then neither do most hosted online Content Management Systems.

However, pages can be published in 'draft mode' and turned on at a later date. Pages can be turned off then back on later, and all handled in a search engine friendly manner.

Some features of other content management systems are intentionally not available, and this includes changing background colour or font colour size as this can make the website non accessible or risk some content harming the search engine visibility.

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